DIY Flat Pack Kitchens

Are you dreaming of a new and beautiful kitchen just like what you see in catalogs and magazines but you are worrying about the large amount that you are going to spend because of the renovation cost? Worry no more because you will be able to save much money if you will just learn on how to DIY kitchens on your way instead of using the services of a kitchen renovator. By just putting your mix of cupboards, cabinets and oven area you can have many savings while making your flat pack kitchens looks well.

craft your own kitchenCustom kitchens today are very popular. Aside from that fact that it is less expensive, it is also easy to do, and you can have the design that you desire to have because you are the one who make it. All you need to do is to start with a detailed design plan for your kitchen. Your plan should include all the important things that can be found in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, drawers, cabinet doors and other kitchen elements. You can also plan with the use of your exiting kitchen configurations and walls. That will enable to keep your electrical and plumbing system intact where you will not be able to add additional expenses as well as mess due to the tearing of walls. However, if can’t make the plan with you alone, you can ask for help from a designer that majors in the improvement of a home in a nominal fee.

Appliances and cabinets are considered to be as the biggest thing that you need to invest in remodeling your kitchen. However, if you cannot afford to get new appliances, you can keep your old ones. However, if you are going to buy, you should buy either those larger in size or those the same size. Just make sure that your appliances will complement to space in your kitchen.

Makeover projectThe same consideration also goes for the lighting fixtures. You also need to take into consideration about the flooring of your kitchen. Your kitchen flooring is also one of the trickier decisions that you are going to make because it will also affect the way on when and on how you are going to install your kitchen cabinets.

A particular flat pack kitchen renovation can possible take from six to weeks depending on how long and how extensive the procedure is going to be. There are also several things to consider in renovating flat pack kitchen that every home owners should know and take into consideration before going on the project. It takes take for planning and for realizing the materials needed for the renovation as well as the amount needed.

Having a nice and a neat kitchen is a must inside every home because it is the room where we cook and eat our foods. So if you want to achieve the desired kitchen that you are dreaming to have, you can do it on your own, or you can seek help from an expert custom flat pack kitchens designer.

Home Improvement: Internal Decorations

Home Improvement: Internal Decorations
The process of home improvement can be hard if you are not prepared and if you lack in planning. There are some simple ways that you can perform if you have a plan to take minor home improvement. If you want to change the atmosphere of the internal setting of your house, the first thing that you should perform is making some planning and research. Before your research, study first the dimension and sizes of the part you are willing to improve. For the living room, identify the structure of your windows, the beams of your house, and stairs.

light Decoration
Search the internet for the possible designs that would fit for the internal decoration of your house. If your house has a long wall, you can apply a combination of bright paint colors on it so that it will be emphasized. In using the wall colors, you should first remove all the possible things that will disturb you like the chairs, television, or the wall picture frames. Identify the part of your walls that already contains a cracks or hole, you may fix them by applying wall cement to fill the gap and make it a smooth surface when you apply the paint.
You can remove the existing wall paint if possible, use some paint removing agents so that the current paint will not cause trouble to the new paint that you will be applying. Use also some cleaning formula that can kill the bacteria that lives on the walls causing paint damage. If the area or wall is ready for painting, it is advisable that you set one direction in applying paints to the wall, this is to eliminate the buildup of bubbles that once dry can easily be worn out. Use white color for your initial wall coating; this will also enhance the color that you select for your living room design.

house plants
Home improvement does not necessarily mean hard tasks like plumbing or construction. It may also involve the simple arrangement of things like changing the old curtains, appliances, or furniture. For your living room, see to it that the window has proper ventilation; this will help you to cool your house during the summer season as this will be the passage of air for in and out. Try to select curtains that are appropriate for the weather type. For winter use curtains that are thick so that the cold air will find difficulties in penetrating.
You may also apply the logic about colors, for the dark colors like black it absorbs heat. With this, do not attempt to use curtains that are thick or dark color when it is summer season. Use light colors. You may also seek the advice of other people who are knowledgeable in internal decorations. The home improvement is a rewarding feeling once you see the result of your performance. Do not forget the basic concept of home improvement techniques. Though today, there are various techniques and design that is trending, the classic designs must not be set aside, as this designs match all the seasons of the year.home Decorations

Five steps to restore a piece of furniture

repair your furnitureDo you have an antique furniture and want to upgrade it? We tell you the main steps to begin with the restoration. Without a doubt, to begin with the restoration of your furniture you will need to choose a simple piece of furniture.
Do you have one in mind? When restoring a piece of furniture, there are a few essential steps we must follow.

1. Preliminary study of the specimen.

This first step is to force you to begin to restore a piece of furniture. The first thing we have to look at is how is the furniture: style of decoration, wood type, if it is plated or not, if it is badly damaged or just had minor damages, if it has woodworm… This study will help us to decide how we are going to restore it, and what techniques and materials we use. An aspect to keep in mind: there is a golden rule in restoration: “restorers must intervene in its fair measure, without exceeding, and include new parts unless it is essential”.

2. Cleaning phase.

A crucial part of the restoration process! Here we have to remove the dirt that the passage of time has accumulated on your furniture. The first thing to do is to remove the varnish, lacquer or paint. To do so, the easiest way is to use a suitable rust removing product, found in DIY stores such as Bunnings. It is applied directly to the wood and is left to act for a few minutes. Then remove it with a spatula and with it we have the dirt. If the furniture that we are restoring is huge, it is best work areas, it is important to drag the flux until it dries. Another formula to remove the old varnish from wood is sanding the surface until there is no rest.

3. Repair step.

At this stage, we will try to eliminate the defects of the furniture. We will have to disassemble and fix the parts that are damaged, rebuilding them when necessary.

4. Protection phase.

The piece develops very clean once and before giving it the final finish. At this stage of the process, we apply to wood a treatment against insects. If you are liable, we will pump $ into holes that let this insect appropriate with the help of a syringe.

5. Finishing phase.

We can match the tone of the wood or darken it using staining process. A dye is extracted from the bark of walnut can be easily applied and dries in a couple of hours. Then, we will have to apply two coats of sealer, sanding lightly in the direction of the grain between both hands and also at the end.
After a few days, we will proceed to the finish of the piece of furniture. At this point in the process, using products such as gum shellac or beeswax would be the most reasonable thing since they provide a beautiful, but very delicate finish. There are currently in you market more specific products that will help you achieve a natural look and, at the same time, more resistant.

For furniture repair services, make sure you visit Jarramar or their Facebook page

A Change for Small Business Owners

Sage-Reinvention-Of-Small-Business-InfographicThis info-graphic published in the Huffington Post’s Business section shows how small local businesses have to adapt to new environments and work harder in a global thus competitive economy.

It highlights the importance of technology to streamline banking, emailing as well as sales to positively impact the Business’s productivity.

Tips to succeed during your move

You plan to move soon? Quickly read our tips to organize, save time, money and avoid the stress!

Tip # 1: find temporary accommodation before the move

Make sure you have adequate and suitable housing to your needs before your move. You can wait comfortably to settle you into your new home.

Tip # 2: Save money by choosing your moving date.

During the high season, from mid-June to mid-September, is the most requested period, prices are 30 to 40% higher than during the rest of the year. By choosing a less crowded period, you can save between 20% and 25% and enjoy more flexibility in the service.

Tip # 3: move at the end of school year

preparing your move is keyIt is much easier for children to start in a new school at the beginning of the school year, at the same time as other children. Keep this in mind when you plan your move will greatly help your children adapt.

Tip # 4
: store your furniture into self-storage.

If you need to store some of your furniture or business, the most economical solution will be self-storage: you load yourself to put your business in cartons, to transport your furniture and to organize your storage space. The company is concerned only with the placing at the disposal of the box and handling equipment, as well as their monitoring.

Tip # 5: get the sale of your home’s departure

If you want to sell your home’s departure, make sure you have made all necessary and made repairs call for the Professional cleaners before putting your property on the market. Buyers are very sensitive to details. The most insignificant changes can have a significant impact on the selling price of your property.

Choose a professional moving company

Choose a professional mover, is a guarantee to succeed quickly and smoothly moving his furniture and his cartons to new housing. However, how to choose the right carrier and what are the different types of services offered by the movers?

handling furnitureAre your furniture fragile or bulky? Have you dozens of cartons to wear? Is your accommodation not served by an elevator? Don’t want to multiply the truck rides?

Moving companies give you their experience and professionalism. To ensure the best possible performance, choose a professional of the sector of the move by checking its registration in the register of commerce.

Artisans movers

Ask to receive a moving quote and according to your criteria, your Department of departure and your destination the company pass to close network professionals. They will then directly contact you and will accompany you throughout their performance. The interest is to have then a contact in a single form with your area moving companies. Thus, you increase your chances to receive several proposals and to compare prices. So, you can trust the Artisans movers to accompany you. To know more on the topic of furniture removals, please visit this Hotfrog and True Local

Waste Containers for Industrial Use

The industrial sector generated not only a large amount of waste but that are of many types. It is also important to know the nature of them since we used containers or others depending on their danger or toxicity. Waste disposal bins for builders are really useful and can save you a lot of trouble.

They can mainly be divided into the following categories:

1. Non-hazardous waste

Waste Containers deliveryFor non-hazardous waste are commonly used metal waste containers. Economic and resistant, they can load many wastes and are very versatile.

There are two main kinds: covered and uncovered, and both classes can have different capacities or sizes: for example, can range from 5 cubic meters of capacity to 40 cubic meters.

Practically there is a container for every need: depending on the space available, the type of waste and the amount of generated waste. Choose a suitable container is essential to optimize the transport costs.

2. hazardous waste

Hazardous waste have a nature that involves danger and risks for health and the environment.

Because of this, the packages and containers containing these residues must be safe and approved. These residues may occur in solid, liquid or gaseous, so there are containers for all of them.

3 bio-waste

Bio-waste are all biodegradable waste from gardens and parks, waste food, and household kitchen, restaurants, as well as waste from food processing plants.

The containers used for these residues are similar to those used for non-hazardous waste, adding the characteristics covered (to prevent smells) and sealed (to prevent spilling).

4. medical waste

Skip bins are useful during home improvement workThey are those generated by care and health research activities.

Containers used for waste containers waste must submit properties of impermeability, must be bounded by smooth surfaces, should be able to wash and disinfected easily, and its structure and closing should prevent spillage of the contents.

5. radioactive waste

This is waste containing radioactive chemical elements. Classified as waste of low, medium, or high radioactivity.

Radioactive waste according to their level of radiation are stored on the surface in sealed containers, either are confined in underground facilities.

If you are looking for bin hire in Perth WA, call Total Waste Disposal on (08) 9356 2771

So much to discover in Western Australia

Located only forty five minutes from Perth, Rockingham is the ideal tourist location for those wanting to be near the water. The town itself has plenty of lodging accommodations, as well as numerous restaurants and bars that cater to everyone’s budget. It is the ideal place for a day tour from Perth.

Western Australia Coast LineOnly 500 meters offshore from Rockingham sits the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Here you can explore the many little islands, and bays, that call the park home. There are a number of ways you can explore the Marine Park. There are many shops that will rent you a kayak so you can explore the park at your own pace. Be prepared to see dolphins, sea lions, countless birds, brightly colored coral, and hundreds of fish. If you’d rather just sit back and relax there are plenty of tour boats that will take you out and introduce you to the 150 plus wild dolphins that call the park home. Most will even let you off the boat to swim and play with the dolphins should you wish. To finish up your tour you will be escorted to Penguin Island to witness the feeding, and playing, of the over one thousand little penguins that call the island home.

Should you decide to skip the tour, and are only interested in seeing Penguin Island, there are numerous ferries, as well as private boats, that will take you straight to the island. While the island is only open to visitors from September to June, during daylight hours, there is plenty to keep you busy while there. There are dozens of beaches to swim and surf on. There aren’t any stores or restaurants on the island though, so make sure you bring everything you’ll need for the day with you on the ferry. While on the island you can expect to see not only penguins, but also pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, and dozens of varieties of seabirds.

travel south WAOnce back in Rockingham head over to Safety Bay where the constant breezes make ideal conditions for sailing or windsurfing. There are plenty of places to rent out catamarans in the area, as well as tour shops that rent out, and offer lessons for, standup paddle boards. For less windy conditions head over to Rockingham Beach. This protected beach is perfect for families who want to swim, snorkel, and soak up the sun. If surfing is more your style, Rockingham also has perfect surfing beaches at Secret Harbor.

While it may be tempting to spend all of your time in Rockingham at the beach, there are plenty of other attractions in the area that should also be seen. If you’re a golfer the Rockingham area has more than a couple of beautiful, as well as challenging, courses for you to try your had at. For the shopper at heart Rockingham sports hundreds of specialty shops, four major retail outlets, as well as dozens of small independent stores. A short drive from Rockingham will take you to the Baldivis Karnup Wine Trail. Here you can tour one of the four award winning wineries, and sample some of the wines being grown, and crafted, in the area.

As you can see, there’s a little something for everyone in Rockingham. If you want to know more about tour guides in Western Australia, visit Kandu Holidays and check out their day tours available from Perth at

For those who can’t wait to see these little cutties

Installation of Mesh Flyscreens for Doors and Windows

Security screens are made to improve the security of your home and also allow you to enjoy the fresh air from the outside and also be free of insects. They also offer improved design to your entrance doors.

Security door screens for your houseCustom screens’ security doors in Perth ensure the safety of your house and also enhance your appearance. These doors come with security screens and windows that can be easily replaced in accordance with the WA climate. The flyscreens also include one-way screws that allow the user to lock the door from the inside. These security screens installation process is quite simple and can be completed in less than an hour with the tools and the appropriate assistance from security professionals.

The choice of a door design

First you need to take some measures of your door and also think of a design.
If you cannot find an exact size match, a custom can always be good. They a bit expensive, but at least it will be perfect.

Steel door packages usually include all the materials needed for installation. Also, be sure to have a lock. Some of the tools that you will need are a tape to measure, a saw, a screwdriver and an electric drill.

Mount with precision

Before starting the installation, read the manufacturer’s instructions so that you will ensure that you do not miss a step. You will need to take some steps so that you can cut the Z bar. This will help you to place the top of the screen to the door frame.

Drill the Z bar

You will need a little help to place the door at an exact 90-degree angle. Use an electric drill to fix the hinges to the Z bar.

Installation of the header and expander

The header has to be mounted on top of the door. Use the screws to secure it.Install this before expansion.

The Expander is here to avoid that waste collection at the door. Open the door and place the expander, using a screwdriver. Close and open the screen to see if the door opens without friction.


instal new screens on your propertyMeasure the hole in the door and compare measurements with measurements of your door to make sure you have the proper size before you begin the installation. Make sure you buy a standard lock double cylinder set for door deadbolt. See the installation manual of your door for the accurate measurement of the lock.

It brings the hinges of metal holding the door of the house. There are usually three hinges, but larger doors often come with four hinges. Align and hanging wire netting of steel Gibraltar door. Fixed bar hinges in Z to the door, starting at the top of the door while your helper holds the door in place.

Drilling metal screws provided in each of the holes in the form of z-bar hinge inserted screws directly into each hole with an even pressure to ensure a secure fit. Secure the screws on both sides of the Z-bar, so strap is attached to the door and the structure of the door of the house. Be sure to attach the bar z-wall of the door of the home and not the jamb of safety, since the door frame can be removed from the outside. Repeat the process with each hinge until all are safe.

Sets the header of the screen door. Position the head on the wall that rests directly on the door when the door is closed. Set the headboard with metal screws provided with the drill. Enter screws directly into the wall to provide a secure fit.

It unites the expander of the steel door at the bottom of the door. Open the door and slide the expander on the bottom. Set screws in the pre-drilled holes to ensure the expansion.

This are the steps required to install a security screen. If you are looking for a professional security company to help you, get Perth Security Screens here.

Organizing your home for simple and effective moving

As I recently moved home I found I was way more unorganized than previously thought. So I’ve been on the warpath of becoming a more organized person. Here’s my round up of advice for helping you get from point A to point B without the fuss.

Things you will probably need

Cardboard boxes, blankets, suitcases, a car or truck, and travel bags.

Quick tips for the move

You drag furniture supporting them on blankets to avoid scratching the ground and not see you forced to lift their weight.

If you need to store furniture somewhere for a long time, then you should be looking for a storage room rental. There are currently companies which have rented large spaces at very affordable prices. This is the best solution to a temporary move that will not allow you to take all your belongings with you.Removals from Perth to Albany

To free up space at home, get little high small boxes. If they are very large you will not manage to raise them from the ground. It is recommended that in each case not filling them with more than 20 or 25 kilograms.

Lift the weight properly and do not fill the moving boxes more than necessary if you want to survive all the moving.

A move can be quite simple or it can become a complete nightmare. To ensure that everything rolls smoothly, it is necessary to know how to free space to move. If you organize yourself from the starting point and devote attention to the distribution of your furniture and personal items you will gain time and avoid many headaches. I made the mistake of not doing this first on my recent move from Perth to Albany.

You should be distributing your belongings by theme and writing on them in a visible place exactly what is the contents of the box. It thinks that it is very easy to lose something during a move.
Empty wardrobes and store the clothes in suitcases and travel bags, indicating its contents.

Car hire or carts or wheeled luggage will help you immensely to move heavy objects.

It starts with small objects, then for the books, and of course ends with large objects. Remember that books are like stones. You’re best to combine books with other small objects to offset the weight of the boxes.

Once gutted furniture of the cushions and such, you can already move them. Remove them to transport them easily in the moving truck or to the storage rental space. Keep in mind that most of the furniture are too large to pass through stairwells or do not fit into elevators.

Separate glass furniture and utensils into individual boxes and transport them very carefully.

The History and Origin of Karate Do

Karate: The way of the empty hand

The roots of Karate Do are in Japan.

Its origins are in Okinawa, southern Japan. This was formerly called Ryukyus, and as a result of bans on weapons by the Government, was a combat method was developed with less need for guns and arms than the body itself. Over time there were developing different streams of Karate Do, differing mainly between the traditional and modern version which is the sports. Over time there became dozens of methods that are all taught today, among them (just as an example):

Karate do-Kyokushin (means “Last true”): founded by master Masutatsu Oyama.

-Wado Ryu (means “path of harmony): founded by Hironori Otsuka.

-Shorin Ryu (Shorin is Shaolin in Japanese): one of the best exponents was Yatsutsume Itosu.

-Shotokan (means “Building of Shoto”): legacy of the master Funakoshi, Yoshitaka and his son.

-Goju Ryu (meaning “Hard and soft style”): founded by Miyagi Chojun Kensei.

Karate is a martial art based on a system of self defense without using more guns than the body itself. The philosophy of life that support aims to improve not only the physical appearance of the person, but also the mental and the spiritual.

Karate is a word which is divided into: “kara” means “empty”; “you” means “hand”; “do” is “road”. “The way of the empty hand”. It is an ancient martial art, possibly one of the most practiced and popular today, both as a martial art and also as in its sporty counterpart. It is based on a system of personal self-defense without weapons, hence its name. It involves not only the teaching of physical combat techniques, but it also has a philosophy of bringing life back. Like many martial arts, it not only aims to improve the body, but also the mind and spirit.

It focuses on blows from fists and kicks that are tipped from balancing positions accompanied by special cries, with special emphasis on the breath.

The training and practice develops in three axes, which are Kihon, kata and kumite.


It means “duel of hands” or “assault”. She learned is practice in kata, with a real adversary training, but without the intention of causing harm, since there should be no contact. You can be sporty, traditional or martial.


karate fightersIt means “base” or “Foundation”. It is the practice of karate basic techniques: kicking, fist, locks, certain positions etc.


The katas are a predetermined sequence of movements of punches and blocks.

It means “form” in Japanese. It is a default sequence of movements of punches and blocks that are in the air, as if he were fighting with an opponent. The idea is to achieve the greatest possible perfection in movements.

As we have seen most of the terminology used in Karate is Japanese, all movements are called by its Japanese name. Also the place where martial artists train is in the Dojo, and for training and combat wearing a kimono or karategi, along with a cloth belt. This indicates the level of the student, their grade, sometimes depending on the time that takes training.
They are in ascending order as follows: white, yellow, Orange, green, blue or purple, coffee and black. The black belts then advance in Dan, which may be up to 10th dan – which traditionally only came to the 5 Dan-, which is the highest degree of expertise in Karate.

Space saving: big ideas for small spaces!

In the small houses, it is imperative to optimize the lesser square centimetre. Discover our selection of products saving space for the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom…

Everyone does not live in a castle! Small surfaces, studios or homes, are legion. So, you are increasingly having to deal with the limited space available to you. To remedy the problem, furniture manufacturers compete in ingenuity with increasingly efficient products: table flip-up bass, Murphy bed electric actuators, washbasin in wc, small staircase, small bath tub space saving… With a little common sense, organizational and imagination, you will arrive to create additional square metres and to save space.

Failure to push the walls, feel equip you accordingly. With a suitable layout and modular furniture, it is possible to transform a cramped apartment in a nice place to live with daily. Whether to match a small bathroom or a large studio like a Pocket handkerchief, you will find ideas for nifty products with our selection of furniture and accessories dedicated to small areas.

Kitchen storage: 3 Tips for saving space and for comfort

Tip No. 1: reserves…

A slogan: save space and be hyper practice!

Organize storage of effectively racing is still a puzzle. It must all go into closets – especially when you have a large family – and at the same time, keep everything at hand to cook easily, without unnecessary gestures and repeated movements.

The golden rule is to centralize everything does not need to be kept cool. And for the good organization, just a well thought-out wardrobe…

2 Solutions for zero lost place

1. An adjustable height between each tray, drawer, or block sliding your storage. It is the only effective way to organize each level according to the contents: adjusted to the size of your set of jars, less high for the spice jars, at the correct height of the preserved food, above for bottles… Result: all space is devoted to content, no place lost.

2. An autonomous exit on each level. Like that you do even not need to leave a space above content to grab what you need.
Objective achieved zero lost place!
See everything in a blink of eye, while having to hand

Only the sliding full take up this challenge: allow to see and any catch easily, even what is at the bottom.

See what you have in reserve also allows you to know when you need refills, more last minute stress when the recipe is underway and there are missing an ingredient!


In a context where markets remain uncertain, where customers are volatile and where regulation becomes heavier, the industry has more than ever on the skills of its engineers. Today, need them to know about to do: anticipate, innovate, turnaround and reduce costs, drive projects and motivate teams, but also organize, form, negotiate… Moreover, their trades suffer accelerated mutations. Some functions in the company, the knowledge, and the know-how being attached take value, others lose. General practitioners need to specialize. Specialists should broaden their fields of intervention.

Moreover, everyone must become more adaptable, more flexible, to improve performance. ‘New plant’ has selected twelve trades of the engineer, evolving under the pressure of these new requirements. All are affected by the change in organizations and the new strategic directions of the industrial enterprises. All are actively contributing. These twelve occupations are also part of those who have taken the measure of the contribution of new technologies and the new regulations.


Engineers are now living a disruption of their trades. Faced with new organizations set up in the industry, they take a place of weight in policy decisions. With, however, in the exercise of their missions, the permanent concern to take into account technological developments and regulatory constraints.

The engineer trades exist! While companies point out again that they do not worship.
The evidence? Surveys conducted annually by student engineers of the Cesi (Centre of Industrial graduate studies) and that list precisely “engineer trades” and their evolution. The expertise that the engineers themselves do not consider a simple achievement. Two-thirds (68%) recognize the need to diversify their skills. Therefore, the engineer trades are not a thing from the past! They move, adapt, transform according to criteria, today essential, organizational and strategic role, but also taking into account the contribution of new technologies and new regulations.

1. The change in organizations

engineersCited unanimously by the observers of all fields, it is the almost universal factor that would have triggered all mutations. For ten years, in fact, the company dressed its hierarchical levels, shears its vertical organizations, encourages the “commando spirit” of its project teams, mixes the statutes and disciplines, formalizes relationships between customers and suppliers in its workshops and subcontracts which is not exclusively his trades. However, under this apparent disorder, it promotes new organizations, whose engineers are becoming indispensable relays. The loser also in passing – except the project engineer – part of their powers. Therefore, the emergence of teams in plants encouraging versatility and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) to operators, now able to troubleshoot failures, deeply transforms the engineer trades in workshops.

That these fall within maintenance – has an engineer in this function more time to reflect on the “maintainability” of the park of machines-, methods or industrial computing. In the service of comfort for operators in the workshops, these are engineers who often create the link with design offices. A concern that is not nor stranger to the logistics field, great masters of the flow and just-in-time managers. The subcontract purchase remains, however, an example of a business that has emerged thanks to a new organization, grafted around the refocusing of the company on its core businesses. Therefore, it was obliged to have a specialist to buy outside supplies or sub-assemblies necessary for its production, but too “sharp” or too little strategic so that they are manufactured in its workshops.

2. The key role of trade in the company‘s strategy

The emblematic figure of the revolution of the trades, the project engineer, occupies a place of choice, but at high risk, in the new flowcharts. Because of its decisions on the launch of products or industrial investment depends in large part the future of the entire company. It is not the only one to hold a key role. Many of his colleagues, with also strategic missions, are almost equally challenged by new cross-cutting and multidisciplinary organizations: the Shawn, marketing engineer, the purchaser of subcontracting or the sales engineer. They have one thing in common.

Their trades are part of a project approach, the source of responsibilities designed to accelerate innovation and collective in teams. Which requires a large force anticipation and reactivity as well as a large capacity to management teams. Trivial at first glance, one conclusion: engineers must come out of their expertise. Quality Engineer, including, more delegates to technicians and supervisors handling of quality measurement tools to devote himself to the proper conduct of the design process. A transformation that also affects the marketing engineer, formerly discreet, but who learned to speak up and strong in project meetings to raise the expectations of clients in workshops. The only environmental engineer keeps a place a little apart. However, he is well a function that is not less decisive since its choice affect the ‘green image’ business and therefore on its markets.

3. The contribution of new technologies

engineeringAt the service of innovation, telecommunications engineers, electronics engineers in research and development or industrial computing specialists must master the meaning and evolution. Because new techniques of computer integration of production systems (CIM), the development of the information superhighway (ATM) and those of the network of mobile communication (GSM) remain at the heart of their function. For them, the technology watch becomes second nature. What encourages them to make a profession of architect or contractor for components standard to focus more on the development and further meet the expectations of consumers, always eager for new applications. However, new technologies also shake the engineer trades insofar as they must learn to work in a network, to use new tools and to share their knowledge. Whether it is for the creation and use of databases for buyers of outsourcing or handling of EDI (electronic data interchange) will become indispensable in the trade of logistics yet. Also, it takes now developmental intra muros in the Enterprise Intranet networks. How, for example, can a Renault engineer afford to ignore an internal network that is not less than 31 000 cable posts?

4. Compliance with the constraints of the regulations
Race for ISO9000 certification, mandatory compliance with Australian legislation on the safety of the machines since the end of 1997, mandatory recycling of waste water discharges industrial and guidelines Australian of December 1996 on recycling packaging or selective sorting of industrial waste…, the list of regulatory constraints imposed extends from month to month. It is more possible to overlook draconian standards.